MOVIE TRIVIA - PT 32. ⋆ Historian Alan Royle
Errol Flynn Errol Flynn tried everything to get into uniform during World War Two, but he was simply not a well man. He had a heart condition, tuberculosis and malaria. He even suffered from a severe back problem that precluded him from carrying anything remotely heavy for any length of time. Colleagues acknowledged that his cooperation on the sets of his WW2 films was extremely professional and the best of his career. His studio really could have helped explain to the public just why he was not permitted in the services, but it chose not to, fearful that such a disclosure might harm his box-office drawing power and cost them revenue. As for the ridiculous accusation that he was a Nazi spy… Cybill Shepherd & Jeff Bridges Peter Bogdanovich & Cybill The Last Picture Show (1971) was Cybill Shepherd’s screen debut. She had just turned 20. Early in filming she became romantically involved with co-star Jeff Bridges. She has since claimed that their affair was the only time she ever slept with a co-star! [...]