Thirties movie trivia - PT1 ⋆ Historian Alan Royle
Norma Shearer Norma & Jimmy Stewart circa 1939 Mickey Rooney in his Andy Hardy days Norma Shearer’s husband, Irving Thalberg, passed away in September 1936. Because of his fragile heart condition the couple had, on doctor’s orders, pretty much abstained from energetic sexual activity during their marriage. Once he was gone, however, Norma quickly made up for lost time. When she saw Jimmy Stewart in The Shopworn Angel (1938) she set her sights on him. Their affair lasted about six weeks before he ended it and moved on to others. The 36 year-old Norma soon staggered everyone, especially LB Mayer, by embarking upon an affair with MGM’s Andy Hardy, the permanently aroused 18 year-old Mickey Rooney. Mayer personally read Rooney the Riot Act. He was told to desist or find a new line of employment. Of course, he complied. Kate Hepburn in Mary of Scotland (1936) John Ford 1936 Director John Ford had a heavy affair with Katharine Hepburn [...]