CHILD STARS OF BYGONE DAYS - PT3 ⋆ Historian Alan Royle
BOBBY BLAKE (1933 – ) as Little Beaver (R) with Bill Elliott as Red Ryder He was born Mickey Gubitosi in New Jersey in 1933, a name he continued to use for the first three years of his movie career. After that he acted under the name Bobby Blake in the Our Gang featurettes. MGM started him in the series when he was just five years old and Bobby instantly gained a following. He was cute with a lovable, although somewhat melancholy, personality. Between 1944 and 1947 he appeared in over 20 ‘Red Ryder’ films (playing Little Beaver). Throughout the remainder of the forties and fifties he appeared in numerous other features and landed spots in the exciting new medium of television. Blake(L) and Scott Wilson in In Cold Blood (1967) As Blake entered adulthood he quickly demonstrated an acting ability few child stars did. He dropped the ‘Bobby’ and became Robert Blake. After numerous guest spots in many TV series he landed a great role as the real life killer Perry Smith in the movie version of [...]