B - List Beauties - PT 6 ⋆ Historian Alan Royle
DOLORES DORN (1933 – ) The Bounty Hunter (1954) Dolores and Richard Egan and with Franchot Tone Dolores Dorn hailed from Chicago Illinois. Her movie career did not amount to much although she played opposite Randolph Scott in The Bounty Hunter (1954), Cliff Robertson in Underworld U.S.A. (1961) and Alan Ladd in 13 West Street (1962). Considering her less than stellar film career, it is surprising to learn that she became a noted acting teacher at the American Film Institute in 1977 and later with the Lee Strasberg Institute in 1983. She and beefcake actor Richard Egan were an item for some time. Her only other claim to fame is that she was once the fourth and final wife of actor Franchot Tone from 1956 to 1959. CATHY DOWNS (1926 – 76) Bandits of the West (1953) [...]