Random Snapshots - Vol. 3. ⋆ Historian Alan Royle
Sharon Stone ‘Any man in Hollywood will meet me if I want that’, proclaimed Sharon Stone after achieving worldwide fame in Basic Instinct (1992). ‘No, make that any man anywhere’, she added. One of her former boyfriends was Hart Bochner, the know-all executive in Die Hard who gets his brains blown out while on the phone ‘negotiating’ with the hero. When asked about her after their relationship ended he simply replied, ‘she’s the Anti-Christ’. Hart Bochner in Die Hard (1988) In a 2005 television interview Stone was asked about her ‘bisexuality’. ‘Middle-age is an open-minded period’, she responded and casually admitted to ‘dating’ girls in the past. According to her biographer, Frank Sanello, she once enjoyed a sexual liaison in a Beverly Hills hotel bathroom with an un-named woman. She also explained her abrasive behaviour thus: ‘If I was just normally intelligent I could probably get away with it – but I’m fiercely intelligent, and that’s threatening’. One wonders how many genuinely, ‘fiercely intelligent’ people actually describe themselves as fiercely intelligent. Her much-quoted claims about being a member of Mensa have since been disproved. Meryl Streep Chris Petit in Time-Out wrote rather [...]