'THE BLUE GARDENIA' (1953) - when film noir was king. ⋆ Historian Alan Royle
As far as film noirs go, The Blue Gardenia rests somewhere near the middle of the genre. It has its moments, but the hurried ending detracts from its overall effectiveness. Indeed, if we didn’t know better, we could be forgiven for thinking that the production suddenly ran out of money, causing director Fritz Lang to suddenly yell, ‘Cut! That’s a wrap.’ A pity really because, generally speaking, it is a well-acted, well-scripted murder-mystery until then. George Reeves as Captain Haynes his most famous role Made around the time that George Reeves was picked up by television to play Superman in an up-coming series called The Adventures of Superman, this picture demonstrates George’s true acting ability. In it he plays the investigating Police Captain Haynes and, as usual, he is pretty good. He had been in the business a long time (having played one of the Tarleton twins as far back as 1939 in Gone with the Wind), so he knew his way around a movie set. Unfortunately for George (and a host of others), studios were running scared of the arrival of television and were ceasing to renew contracts for all but the [...]