COVER GIRL (1944) - the one and only Rita Hayworth. ⋆ Historian Alan Royle
Released in the closing years of World War Two, Cover Girl was an ordinary musical comedy featuring Gene Kelly and Rita Hayworth, supported by Phil Silvers, Otto Kruger and Eve Arden. With the singular exception of ‘Long Ago and Far Away’ the tunes are dull and mostly tuneless. The choreography, too, is routine and un-memorable, despite Kelly’s presence. In fact, the picture has just one saving grace. It features the breath-takingly beautiful Rita at the peak of her powers. Indeed, it was during filming that she and Orson Welles eloped, coincidentally on the very day the picture’s wedding scene was shot. ‘Cover Girl’ (1944) Gene Kelly, Rita, Phil Silvers In keeping with the title, cover girls from nearly all the major magazines appeared on screen, among them America’s highest paid model at the time, Anita Colby. In her memoirs, Lauren Bacall mentioned being asked to appear as the Harper’s Bazaar cover girl in the movie, having featured as such in the March 1943 edition, but she opted instead to make To Have and Have Not with Humphrey Bogart at Warner Bros. Not only did that picture start [...]