Hollywood & Abortions ⋆ Historian Alan Royle
Over the past century or more that Hollywood has existed there has been no shortage of abortions performed on many of its aspiring young actresses. Unwanted offspring are not unique to the movie business, but they do tend to interfere with ambitions, not to mention reputations, more often in Tinsel Town than elsewhere. Careers have often been made (or saved) on an abortionist’s table. This article is by no means a comprehensive list of those ladies in the acting fraternity who have found it, career-wise, to be necessary or desirable to become ‘un-pregnant’ at a hundred miles an hour. Nor does it judge those women for choosing such a course. I am a man. Therefore, I have no right whatsoever to judge what a woman does with her own body. That is for her, and her alone, to decide. After all, half the responsibility for the situation in which she finds herself lies with some guy yet, more often than not, he somehow manages to remain anonymous while she must wear the pain, the cost and the condemnation of that section of society only too willing to stand in judgment on others. The moral rights and wrongs of abortion [...]