AVA GARDNER - Far from perfect but drop dead gorgeous. ⋆ Historian Alan Royle
It all depends on your age group, I suppose, but most guys from mine seem to be in agreement that Ava Gardner was the sexiest woman ever to appear in American movies. Given the likes of Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and a couple of hundred more from the studio era alone, that is a pretty tall claim, but the camera certainly loved her. And so did we. She hailed from a tobacco plantation in Grabtown, North Carolina, a southern girl from dirt poor roots who spent her childhood barefoot and surrounded by labourers who taught her every swear-word known to American man, and then some. Throughout her life Ava swore like a ‘navvy’, not that this was a rarity in Hollywood, especially among the womenfolk. Ava at 18 Her first films were really just ‘appearances’ accompanied by a solitary line of dialogue. She never did learn acting as such, although over the years she became quite accomplished in the art. I always wonder about that. I mean, learning lines, overcoming stage fright, sounding and moving naturally, and projecting emotion and confidence on screen, all sounds frightfully difficult to me. But how difficult is it [...]