The unfinished quilt top: unraveling threads - Fighting for Answers
Unfinished quilt tops. Loose fabric, pieced together. seams resewn to strengthen the final product. adjustments, another persons eye to style and color. A work in progress. I strive to save the lovingly hand stitched aspect of the quilt top while ensuring it won’t fall apart upon the first washing.Life lessons. Spools of thread. Simple things the second. Complex thoughts on the first. I was thinking about a sewing project I have been trying to find time to work on. I am finishing a quilt. I purchased an unfinished quilt top at auction and am working to finish. Just haven’t been able to make time to sit down and tackle it. Not to mention the stack of patching, hemming and repairs that are sitting in my sewing area. In thinking about the similarities between the spool of thread on my sewing machines, and David’s care I am struck by one thing. read more