Venice day trip to Burano island! | | Field Guide To Awesome!
This afternoon I took the vaporetto from San Marco to Murano, and changed vessels to Burano Island. The whole trip is about an hour and a half each way, and spent an hour on the island. Burano is a lovely and quiet change. Quiet canals, and no crush of tourist crowds. Many sweet lace shops line the canals. All of the buildings are painted bright and cheerfully. Now, I'm on my way back to Venice, for a last walk around, before I have to prepare for my travel to Bangkok!!! Along the way I met up again with Julie, another traveler who I had met yesterday. We were leaving Burano at the same time and we decided to walk a bit and find an Apero Spritz...or two. On the way I found this skewer of pretty marshmallows! We had a lovely conversation over our beverages. we did have to valliantly defend our small bowl of peanuts from some agressive pigeons, though!