My last day in Bangkok, and arriving in Siem Reap, Cambodia | | Field Guide To Awesome!
I left my lodgings around 10am, totally sure I could get to Wat Po, enjoy a massage, and get back to my place with plenty of time to take a refreshing shower and make my way in a relaxed manner to the airport. I got everything done except the relaxed and plenty of time parts. Things don't look so far apart on the map, and theoretically you can get there from here. Just not quickly, or easily. Each train and boat are run by different companies, & use a different tickets. I got there fine, though, it took a bit longer than I expected. I was determined to get that massage. I had to take two trains and a boat there. I had to take the same back, but in reverse. Except, as a result of being over tired, over heated, thinking that I had to rush, I misread the sign, and got off the freakin boat too early. Right about then the effects of the massage wore off. At that point I was just praying to get back in time to hose off, and get to the airport in time. It was a mad scramble to get myself