Costa Rica Countdown...6 days away! | Field Guide To Awesome!
Saturday I fly out from Boston, with a layover in Atlanta to ultimately end up in Costa Rica. I'm going to a surf camp for 7 days and nights. Yes, forty-three year old me is going to learn how to surf. Luckily there are two surf lessons a day. Hopefully I'll get up on the board at least once. And they get a picture of it. How did this trip come to pass? Way, way back in August of this year, I had to commit to a certain week for a vacation. Several friends only had nice things to say about Costa Rica. I knew I wasn't yet to do an extended trip, but I wanted to do something that I could do to gain a sense of be in awe of myself. A friend, who I respect and admire, tried out surfing off of Jeness Beach in Rye, NH. Another friend, who I respect and admire, as well as several others only had glowing reviews of Costa Rica treks and yoga retreats. I initially checked out, for inexpensive places to stay, that were close to the beach. I pretty much just wanted to relax on