A Sunday in Paris…street art, les soldes, and yes, the caged birds sing. | | Field Guide To Awesome!
Shhh! I'm still adjusting to my current time zone, so woke early, but didn't climb down from my nest till noon. I ran out of baguette and greens, so figured I'd have to hunt for an open market, since it is Sunday, and most of Paris is closed. Luckily, my flat is very close to Le Marais district, which is the one place in Paris that has many shops open. I was very close to le Marais, much closer than I expected. This was the first day I explored in the direction of the Seine and Notre Dame. I got distracted by the "Soldes" signs. This is the season of the winter sales in Paris. They only have sales twice a year. Once in the winter and once in the summer, for about 3-6 weeks each. Sales are city-wide, including the national/international chains like H&M, and the large super expensive Galleries Lafayette. I'm going to explore the smaller boutiques in the Marais over the next few days, a little at a time. After taking a quick look at the shop sales, I made my way towards