How much do you really want to do it? | | Field Guide To Awesome!
Like magic, twenty years later, I am going to do it again. Some how my life was easy, and I just made a snap decision to reclaim my youth of care free adventure. Ummmm…. No. I returned from that trip, went back to my old job - apparently they were harassing my family a couple of weeks before I got back, wondering when I would return to work. A few months later I decided to change my career from Human Services to Massage. I worked and taught in the field of Massage for twelve years, and then transitioned into working with the Electronic Medical Record. Sprinkled in between all that, I bought a condo, had car payments, accrued and paid off credit card debt (tuition & two transmissions), and had major surgery (my head is literally screwed on tight). You can travel inexpensively, and on some modest savings. Before you do that, though, debt elimination is key. It can't be cheap travel, if you have to support significant living expenses back home. It took quite a while for me to