20 years ago: 1 back pack, 2 months, $33/day and me | Field Guide To Awesome!
I've always wanted to travel. Always. Once I graduated from college I started to save aggressively for two years, and was able to do a two month backpacking trip around Great Britain, Scotland, Shetland, Orkney and Wales. I stayed in youth hostels mostly, traveled by train, walking, rare busses, and once or twice hitch-hiked. I carried everything on my back. One backpack, two months, thirty-three dollars a day. I had been planning for a few months, talking about it with family and friends, gave a month's notice at work (Me: I am planning a two month trip. I totally understand if you cannot hold my job for me, but I'd be glad to come back if the position is still available.). Two days before I go, work apparently didn't think I was really going. Yep, I really, really was going. The day before my trip, I have to convince my family that I really was going away for two months, and someone needed to give me a ride to the airport shuttle. Really? Yes. I had only my first night or