The Tales of Llurien |
The journey's the thing - unless you never arrive It's an adventure for knights and wizards, nobles and peasants, and those who should've stayed home. The Tales of Llurien follows a caravan of twenty-eight people traveling to the Festival of Heroes to see a famous sword, which legend says will allow its destined owner to conquer a famous villain. Their journey takes them through cities, towns, and dangerous places that require the knight, horseman, wizard, and other warriors to save them, and someone won't survive. Along the way, they tell ghost stories, adventure yarns, legends, fables, and tales of the high seas, covering different continents, time frames like before, during, and after major kingdoms, and other realities like the afterlifes. Comedies, tragedies, and tales to make you think, the stories present in many guises the world I've spent decades creating, including original sentient species, plants, animals, and gods. Release Date: TBD, by Llurien Books, an imprint of