Never Quest Series |
Series Summary The Never Quest Series (previously called The Champions Series) follows four friends from Maryland who are summoned – against their will – to worlds where dragons, elves, and dwarves are real, just like the magic that brought them there. They've somehow been mistaken for and assumed the place of four legendary champions – a knight, wizard, priest, and rogue – who let themselves be sent on quests they could not refuse. And which had to be completed before they could go home. The friends find themselves trapped in a cycle of unwanted quests to defeat dragons, wizards, and all manner of trouble they aren't qualified to take on. Or are they? Can Andy learn to lead and fight like a knight despite his fear of violence? Can Matt cast spells and control the awful power within him despite his fears of failure? Can Eric use the skills he learned as a juvenile delinquent to break into places even though he's now reformed? And can the atheist Anna accept that gods are real so she