How to Draw a Fantasy Map, Part 2 |
In Part 1, we looked at where to start and basic continent considerations for drawing a fantasy map. Now we'll look at some geographical considerations. Remember Geography Having a basic sense of geography is important or your map won't make sense. Some of this is obvious but is still worth pointing out. Rivers For example, rivers flow downhill and generally toward the sea eventually. Avoid randomly drawing rivers going in various directions without a mountain, rolling hills, or possibly a lake as a starting point. Similarly, rivers often feed lakes, which typically drain out their lowest side as another river. English: Map of the course, watershed, and major tributaries of the Mississippi River. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Lakes form in a low area surrounded by higher areas, even if we're only talking less than a hundred feet of difference, so where you choose to have the river exit the lake means that area is lower. As you draw, you are implying the general rise and fall of the