How to Draw a Fantasy Map, Part 1 |
One of the fun aspects of fantasy world building is drawing maps. This blog provides some ideas to keep in mind and tools to help. Some of this is kind of obvious but worth mentioning anyway. Where to Start A good working unit is the continent. Despite the term "world building," fantasy authors usually write stories on a single continent. Even if your story will take place in a smaller region, it helps to know what is around it. You can add additional continents later. Even with a continent as your working unit, you may want to start with a few settlements (villages, towns, or cities) and a forest, river/lake, and a mountain range to go with them. If you start by drawing the entire continent edge, you might later regret it when trying to fill it in with land features that you might not have room for without changes. A good strategy is to draw a single coastline near where you are starting, then work outward and around. Keep a list of what you want to include, such as a desert,