How to Create Plants and Animals for Your Fantasy Setting |
In another blog, I discussed whether you should create plants and animals for your fantasy setting. Assuming you've decided to do it, here are tips for doing so. New Ideas If you already have ideas, you can just write them up according to a template like the one I've provided here: The Template Animal/Plant Name: Type: (animal, plant [tree/flower], bird, fish) Description: Habitat: Uses: (products, forbidden uses) Earth equivalent: (is this based on something from Earth?) Example Item Name: Big Cat Name Here Type: animal, mammal, feline Description: this big cat has four legs and a long tail. They are up to ten feet long including tail and 700 pounds. They do not have a mane and are often darkly colored with lighter spots. Males are larger than females. Both live 30 years. They are loyal to their owner once bonded. Habitat: they are found in all kinds of forests and mountain ranges and often hunt in open plains and grasslands. They eat horses, animal 1, and animal 2. Humanoid