How To Create Fictional Characters, Part 2 |
This is the second in a series on creating fictional characters. Part 1 covered an overview. You can download the full template as a Word doc or a PDF. Personal Life General History Family & Upbringing This includes place of birth, parents and siblings, quality of home life, general family status (wealth, position of power, reputation), and family jobs (is there a family business?). More is below under "Relationships". Schooling How far did they get and what did they study? What kind of student (honor roll, flunking stuff, misfit, class clown, skipping classes, a drop out)? Did they continue beyond mandatory schooling (like college) and why? Did they know what they wanted or stumble into it? Are they in debt from school? Languages What does he speak, read, write, and understand? At what skill level does he have his native language and others? What does he think of it when someone speaks another language around him (irritated?)? Skills & Abilities General Is he good at