How to Create Fantasy Races or Species, Part 3 |
In Part 1 we discussed the physical aspects of creating races in fantasy books. Part 2 covers the mental. Now we'll look at a downloadable template you can use as a starting point to aid your creative writing. Download the PDF or Word template. The Template Fantasy Race/Species Name Here Nicknames: "" Famous For General Description Overall Appearance Include voice, posture, impression, sleep and eating habits. The Head Eyes, brow, ears, chin, jaw, nose, lips, hair styles (and colors), tongue. Heart-shaped, round, square. Bearded? The Body Discuss height, stocky/thin, details on hands/feet, athleticism, stamina, strength, common ailments. Can include clothing. Special Anything unique about them. Gods Which gods created them, influence them, or are worshiped by them? How does this affect them? Characteristics Intelligence Wisdom Charisma Strength Constitution Agility Dexterity Morale Specific Accomplishments Wars Won and Lost Inventions and Discoveries World View Culture and Customs