How to Create Fantasy Races or Species, Part 2 |
In part 1, we looked at some physical considerations when creating races in fantasy books, while building your own world. Now we'll look at some mental aspects. Mental Considerations Worldview When I watch alien species/races on TV or see them in print, more often than not, I feel like they're just humans in costume, for example. They react to things just like humans would. I don't find that realistic. It's poor concept and lazy writing. If you don't want to think about how another race would react to things, then just use humans for everything! Even humans in one part of Earth would react differently to many things, so different races (especially if from another planet) absolutely would. A good example from sci-fi is Vulcans from Star Trek. Spock often reacts differently to events, from his expressions to what he actually says, both revealing a worldview different from humans. His calm gets him accused of indifference. His overly intellectual responses, devoid of emotion, get