How Agents and Publishers Think About Manuscripts |
Like most authors, I've submitted books to agents and either gotten no response or the form rejection letter. Well, let me be specific - I've sent a query letter, one page summary, and anywhere from 5 pages to 3 chapters as per each agent's instructions. I jokingly tell myself that my books have never been rejected, just that opening material, but lately I've done some research that turns up some interesting info about this that I thought to share. Imbalance of Power To submit a novel, it must be completely written and edited. This can take a year, easy, depending on you and your life. And yet an agent will reject a book in 5-10 seconds, based on the opening paragraph and even first sentence. Or less, if they decide they're tired of lead characters described as an "average girl," for example, and your query says this. It's hardly "fair." A year of blood, sweat, and tears, and they give 10 seconds. That's an imbalance of power. - 1 for agents and publishers. Mindset I've recently