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Growing up playing AD&D and reading fantasy books like The DragonLance Series, The Gor Books, and Conan, I began writing stories in the 1980s and then completed my first book, which is what really turned me on to storytelling. By 1991, TSR, Inc., the makers of AD&D games, asked me to draft a novel outline for their new series, The Harpers, but rejected the book for having a similar theme to their unpublished Elfshadow book. That same year, I took my world building more seriously and would spend much of the 1990s doing this when unable to write for different reasons. The first of those was college, after which I began writing The Tales of Llurien only to lose my typing ability to a tendonitis injury. For the next couple years, I was unable to write stories with a dictation program I'd begun using, but I could work on my main world and story outlines, so I did. Starting in 1999, I authored Of Hauntings and Hunting (For Once & Ever More, #1), which proved too long for