Guest Post: Unconventional Writing Tools |
4 Unconventional Tools to Fix Common Creative Writing Problems by Guest Blogger Ethan Miller Once upon a time, there lived a writer who churned bestsellers after bestsellers without breaking a sweat. Words flowed out of him with such ridiculous ease that he was rumored to be unaware of the phrase 'writer's block'. And his name was…….. While most of you are busy guessing who this mystery writer is, let me tell you that the aforementioned lines are the start of my fantasy fiction book on writers (if I ever write one). The reason I call it fantasy fiction is because every established as well as aspiring writer knows that writing is not a piece of cake. One has to face lots of hardships, phases of self doubt, fear of failure and the proverbial 'writer's block' to write a few pages, let alone a complete novel. Though there are problems aplenty that plague an author's mind, most writers have to deal with similar hurdles, and luckily, there are ways to cross these hurdles. Today, I am going