Getting My Book In Book Stores |
When I decided to start self-publishing, people began asking me if I can get my book in stores, to which I've said no, not really. They almost always ask in amazement, "Don't you want to see your novel in book stores?" I usually shrug and say no and ask why they think it's so important, but they don't have answer for that. It begs the question - if they don't know why I would want it, why are they amazed I don't? Stuff like that makes me feel sarcastic, and one day I improvised this rant about it (and thought it was funny at the time), so I decided to share my sarcastic answer, which goes like this... Why would I want that? What am I supposed to, drive twenty minutes to the nearest one, find it there, and gaze lovingly at it, and then drive home? Is this what you're imagining: I excitedly drive to the book store and find my book on a shelf. It's easy to find, what with the golden glow emanating from its cover, bathing my face in holy light. With a gasp of delight, I reach for it