Fantasy Species vs. Race? |
What's the difference between "race" and "species" and when should you use what in your fantasy settings? I've taken a look into this myself and made the right choice for me. Read on for ideas on making the right choice for you. Race What's a race? The answer can be complicated (but interesting reading), but race has been described as nothing more than a social construct to describe different versions of homo sapiens (i.e., humans), who are 99.9% the same, having no genetic differences to warrant classification (into "races"). Since elves, dwarves, and other races in fantasy are invented, no genetic material exists to determine if they are, in fact, genetically different from humans. One could assume that the pointed ears of elves must mean something, but on Earth, some races have stereotypical eyes, noses, etc, and are still the same species. So this suggests such minor differences are not genetic and races in fantasy are just that: still homo sapiens that people have divided