Evaluating Artist Feedback, Part 1 |
Whether a musician, author, or other artist, we've all received feedback on our work. Obtaining meaningful feedback is an art all its own. Sometimes we have to work at it, deciphering comments to figure out what someone means, so I've written some observations about this, with examples. Defining Helpful Feedback First we should define what useful feedback is and looks like. Generally it is specific enough that we can take action to correct it (assuming it's on target). By contrast, vague feedback leaves us unsure what someone meant or how to address the issue. Bad Feedback Better Feedback I don't like character John John is mean to other characters. If he's trying to be funny, I was just put off instead. I don't like these lyrics These lyrics are negative and depressing, but I otherwise liked the song. Maybe you can write about a more positive subject than addiction. I didn't like story ending The story ends abruptly and I felt it was a letdown after the big build up.