Creating Places Published! |
Creating Places has been published in both eBook and paperback format! The audio book will be released soon. Join The Art of World Building mailing list to get the free templates! Chapter summaries are below. Chapter 1—Case Studies Three case studies show how the contents of this volume can aid in creating relationships we can use in our work. They discuss the effects of prevailing winds, climate, land features, rain shadows, and the impact of passages to travel through troubling areas. Each affects the sort of sovereign power suggested by a region and how alliances and enemies can be forged, some changing with time. Each power will have different ideologies and geographical features and needs, which can help us determine relationships between different powers. Chapter 2—Creating a Planet This chapter focuses on creating an Earth-like planet. World builders should understand the role of the moon and its effects on tides, seasons, and more if we intend to have a moon different from our