Creating a Fantasy City, Part 2 |
Below is the template I use when creating a fantasy city during world building. Feel free to adapt it your purposes. You can read Part 1 here. Download the PDF or Word template. City/Town Name General Alliances Independent city or part of a kingdom? Allies? Identification Symbol and Banner: City Colors: Slogans: Famous For What comes to mind when people think of this place? Location What continent? Nearby land features? How accessible? Setting Terrain? Forests, mountainous, desert, plain, sea/river port? Relations with Other Settlements and Places Town 1 Town 2 Elven Forest 1 Important Features in Town Is there a distinctive land feature? City layout? Notable Religious or Magic Sites Other Special Sites Fortifications Walls/Gates Is there a wall around it? How many gates? Well guarded? Ever breached? Castle Where is it and what condition is it in? Ruined or intact? What's it made of? How many towers? Mote? Ever been destroyed? Local Lore Any legends or mysteries about