Creating a Fantasy City, Part 1 |
Without cities, towns, and villages, no fantasy world building project is complete. In part 1, we'll look at some things to consider. Part 2 will be the template I use for creating a new settlement. Location, Location, Location No settlement stands alone. A city has towns nearby, and towns have villages nearby. However, when drawing a map, you don't have to draw the latter and might choose to focus mostly on the larger towns and cities. Still, you should consider whether nearby places are friend or foe. Even places farther away might be an enemy that this settlement needs to fear – or wants to attack first. Some places will be allies, too. Nearby land features (forests, mountains, etc.) might be home to hostile races or creatures. This is one reason to draw a map first and then start deciding what your city is like and what the residents have to contend with. Are there any important land features inside the town? This includes magical and supernatural places, or maybe a