Author's Shouldn't Try to Be Funny in Their Bios |
There's a lot of advice on how to write a professional author bio, and here's mine: don't try to be funny or clever. It seldom works. It can also make you look juvenile, narcissistic, and unprofessional. Here are some examples of bad lines extracted from actual bios (names withheld very much on purpose). Please note that I tried not to be snarky and mean but that this proved too difficult, so I just let it ride. Sorry! 1. "He lives within his twisted imagination." "Twisted imagination" is like starting a story with "It was a dark and stormy night." It's not funny or original and tells me you're trying too hard. You're also not telling me where you actually live or are from, which is a mistake. Such characterizations should be avoided altogether, regardless of what you're describing. On that note, you're supposed to be describing yourself, not something else like your imagination and its supposed merits. The fix: "He's a fantasy author who grew up in X and now lives in Y with a