Update on the New Years Resolutions |
Well, it's been a pretty tough month or so - my wife's been away studying (the first of four, one-month modules), making it difficult to catch up on writing and blogging while looking after the kids and working and generally trying to carry on without the usual backup. She'll be back this Saturday (phew!). Essentially, I've got very little writing done, and even less blogging. However, I've managed to put a submission together for an agent and I will send it via a giant snail this week (yes, they like snail mail for some reason - probably keeps the half-hearted away). Earlier this year I posted a list of new year's resolutions. A brief recap: Keep putting my epic fantasy out there until it finds a home with an agent/publisher. Finish editing my mermaid novel and start sending it out. Write the first draft of my blind swordswoman novel. Give at least two writers workshops. Attend at least two conventions. Firmly establish the Fantasy Writers community on Google+. Write and find a home