The Story and the Plot |
If you've been following me in any of the circles I tend to move in, you might know I'm writing a novel about a blind swordswoman, and possibly that I'm struggling with it. It's set in the same world as my epic fantasy, but in an earlier time and in a different kingdom. The plot is simple: it's about her mastering a sword of power and defeating the ruling Warlord. Think Gladiator meets almost any Chinese martial arts movie in an historical setting, and you've probably got it. Her story, however, is entirely different, and this is what I'm struggling with. Any reluctant hero could fulfil the plot, but to give it emotional impact, the plot has to become just as personal as the things she cares about. They need to intersect. What she cares about is her father, the local villagers, and the slave girl her father rescued a few years back. She also has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. She's blind, but determined not to let it hold her back. She's fought for years to become self-sufficient, to