The High Concept |
What's your story's High Concept? I run a regular Novel Writers Group at the ACT Writers Centre, usually spearheaded by a topic of the month. This month it was The High Concept. It's worth devoting some time to it and figuring out. During the discussion, the High Concept quite often got confused with Theme and Plot, probably because it's tied into both. Phillip Berrie, a member of the group, recently wrote a wonderful novella called The Changeling Detective. Right there in the title is the basis of the story's High Concept – a detective who can alter his appearance. There's a heck of a lot more going on in the book than that, and the overall series might have a different High Concept compared to the individual book, but as a stand-alone that's what's at the heart of it. Break it down What happens in the story is Plot, and this will influence the High Concept. So will the story's higher meaning – its Theme. Both Plot and Theme hang off High Concept, not the other way around. The