New Year's Resolutions |
2013 has struck, but oddly enough I haven't planned what I want to achieve this year. I've got a few things in motion already, so I thought I'd better write it down and build on it. So, here's my resolutions: Keep putting my epic fantasy out there until it finds a home with an agent/publisher. Finish editing my mermaid novel and start sending it out. Write the first draft of my blind swordswoman novel. Give at least two writers workshops. Attend at least two conventions. Firmly establish the Fantasy Writers community on Google+. Write and find a home for at least one short story. Write at least three guest posts on other blogs. I could go add to that (considerably), but I think it comes down to what you'll be happy with, rather than pie-in-the-sky stuff that's largely unachieveable. With luck I'll exceed it, but the plan is just to get it done at this stage.