7 Line Challenge |
A big thanks to Meredith Pritchard for tagging me in the 7 Line Challenge. The 7 Line Challenge works a bit like The Next Big Thing, but instead of a Q&A you go to page 7 or 77 of your manuscript, find line 7, and grab the next 7 lines of text and paste them in your blog. You then tag seven new people to do the same. My 7 Line Challenge comes from page 7 of Epicentre, the mermaid story I'm currently editing... "Sometimes you have to kill to survive, Grace. All life struggles in one way or another, and we're part of that cycle. We keep the balance by taking the injured, the unlucky, and the stupid." Maree glanced around the beach. "And sometimes we take those who don't deserve it. It's how life works." "I know," Grace said, staring at the sand clinging to her feet. "How about I help you pick someone? That way you can blame me and you won't have to feel guilty." I only got tagged myself today. I'll put a call out and add people as they opt in. Tag(s) so far: Phill Berrie Janie Fox