Maoyu I'm back, My Hero. You sleep too much, my Demon King. Season 1 Episode 12 - fanaru
Hero and the Queen are finally reunited after she manages to keep the ancient spirits at bay and regain control of her body. Female Magician appears before the Winter King and delivers him instructions from Crimson Scholar to develop a vaccine for Smallpox and reveals that reveals herself as a demon. Crimson Commander invades the press building and attacks kill Elder Sister Maid, believing that she is Crimson Scholar, but she is rescued by Warrior Youngster who confronts the invader and have him fall to his death. After restoring Chief Maid's arm, Hero explains the situation to the Queen. Meanwhile at the surface, with their horses sick, the Central Army is stationed with their leaders arguing about the yet unclaimed spoils of the war, until a mercenary force makes the first move. Female Knight leads the battle to quickly defeat the mercenaries, and with the arrival of winter, the Central Army is forced to retreat. Back at the Central Nations, it is revealed that the Azure Demons, together with the Central Kings and the Church and are the true conspirators responsible for the war, prepare for resuming the conflict, now armed with firearms, whose design they stole from one of Crimson Scholar's collaborators in the Iron Nation. Back at the Demon World, Demon Queen and Black Knight appear before the Demons and the Queen summons a meeting with the other Demon leaders, which they see as a sign that the war with the humans will continue, much to her sadness. While Young Merchant discuss with the Southern Kings about opening trade with the Demons, Hero and the Queen return to their villa and reunite with their friends.