Consultancy Opportunity to Conduct a Baseline Study
1. Backgrou d Fisheries Actio Coalitio Team (FACT) was established i 2000 with the aim of promoti g the co servatio of fishery resources a d biodiversity a d improvi g the livi g co ditio s of fisherme i Cambodia by stre gthe i g stakeholders i the fisheries sector. FACT has bee registered as a o -profit orga isatio with the Mi istry of I terior si ce 2003. Si ce its establisheme t, FACT has successfully impleme ted umerous major projects i cooperatio with atio al a d i ter atio al part ers a d gover me t age cies of the Ki gdom of Cambodia at all levels, i particular Fisheries Admi istratio (FiA), Mi istry of Agriculture Forestry a d Fisheries (MoAFF), Mi istry of E viro me t (MoE), a d all sub- atio al authorities. FACT has received fi a cial support from i ter atio al do ors such as Europea U io (EU), Swedish gover me t through Forum Syd (FS/Sida), Oxfam, Magaret A.Cargil Fou datio (MACF) through Forum Syd (FS/MACF), a d Federal Mi istry of Eco omic Cooperatio a d Developme t of Germa y (BMZ). Rece [...]