Various Positions with Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT)
Various Positio s with Fisheries Actio Coalitio Team (FACT) The Fisheries Actio Coalitio Team (FACT) was established i 2000. FACT works to stre gthe the NGO coalitio , a d the Coalitio of Cambodia Fishers (CCF) for advocacy o fisheries resources; support the capacity developme t of fishi g commu ity leaders a d focal perso s; a d stre gthe i g grassroots orga izatio s (CBOs) to empower them to work a d advocate o practical issues that are affecti g their livelihoods. FACT impleme ts its program activities i three regio s of Cambodia, i particular To le Sap, Coastal a d Meko g areas. FACT remai s a sig ifica t orga izatio protecti g a d co servi g fisheries resources a d bio-diversity. Our visio : FACT e visio s Cambodia fishers exercise their rights a d take ow ership i sustai ably ma agi g a d utilizatio of fisheries resources to improve their livelihoods. Our missio : FACT missio is to develop capacity of a d work with coalitio s of Cambodia Fishers a d NGOs, research a d dissemi ate i formatio , facilitate dialogues betwee releva t stakeholders i order to empower fishers to become a stro g social force i sustai ably co servi g a d developi [...]