An Engaging Platform for Sharing, Networking, and Learning By Senglong Youk
I felt very excited whe Oxfam’s Meko g Regio al Water Gover a ce Program i vited me to atte d the 21st a ual I ter atio al River Symposium (IRS) i Syd ey, Australia. It was such a great platform for shari g, etworki g a d lear i g i ovative ideas about key aspects of the rivers a d water ma ageme t, especially meeti g with pote tial do ors such as Departme t of Foreig Affairs a d Trade (DFAT). Represe ti g my orga izatio , Fisheries Actio Coalitio Team (FACT), I co tributed my experie ces i a pa el sessio , “E gageme t, I clusive ess, a d Ethics” which Oxfam’s staff prese ted o the I clusio of Civil Society i Water Gover a ce: Lesso from i the Meko g. I highlighted FACT’s work i the fisheries sector i cludi g buildi g a d stre gthe i g the Cambodia Fisheries Network (CFN), improvi g livelihoods of fishers i To le Sap, Meko g a d the coastal areas i Cambodia, a d etworki g with other atio al, regio al, a d i ter atio [...]