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I have always been a big romantic. When I was little I wanted to grow up to be a ballerina, a writer, and a wife and mother. I wrote stories about grand adventures, about maidens and princesses, and about true love. My favorite movies were all classic romances: Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Oklahoma!, The Philadelphia Story. Beauty and the Beast came out when I was four, and captivated me immediately. And as I grew older, I only continued to hone my romance novelist skills and fall in love with more and more grand stories. So it’s no surprise that when Emily sent me a photo of this cape and asked if I wanted it, I immediately exclaimed “yes!” If ever there was an item of clothing that had my personality literally woven into its fabric, this is it. The colors are so bold, the cape itself unusual to see worn, and the hearts! Oh, the hearts. If I had not already been wearing my heart on my sleeve, now it is obvious. I am covered in the evidence of my inner romantic. As October begins, my plans are unfolding. I have had the idea to present a few weeks of fairytale- or character-inspired outfits this month, and am searching my closet for things that I own that can play a part. I already have a Disney Princess in mind, a character from Alice in Wonderland, and perhaps someone Doctor Who inspired. Of course, this month’s BBRBF Book Club book will also play part in my two weeks of costumes. I am so excited for that one; I’ve convinced my husband to feature in that post with me, but I don’t want to give too much away! I also have some good plans for my YouTube channel! As of late, I’ve only been posting OOTD videos. But I would really like to get my voice back into my videos, and I am hoping sometime this week I’ll be able to put up more than just my outfits. We shall see! I really enjoy doing the OOTD videos; I feel as though they’re the easiest thing to do on my own. I don’t have any special lights and our cameras are very professional ones, so setting anything up inside takes some work! But I am determined to do it sometime this month. Of course, with it being full into fall weather here now, I also have many plans to curl up on the couch with some good books, grab myself a cup of coffee, and get my reading on! I always feel more in the bookish mood when it’s fall. Perhaps the gloomy weather encourages me to put my feet up and not worry about stepping outside. As I write, it is the epitome of a Washington fall outside: the leaves are wet with fresh rain, the ground is covered with rust colored leaves, the world is misty and gray, and a squirrel is dashing about the driveway in search of its mate. While many people might find this weather depressing, I find it relaxing. Beyond the mist, the sun still shines bright behind clouds, and promises to come out in the later afternoon. Perhaps I love this weather because there is something romantic about its dark, oppressive nature. After all, most great romances find their scenes evolving in storms and rain, kisses stolen under the clouds, eyes equated to a stormy sea, tears like raindrops. So, give me a misty day and I’ll be happy. What are you doing today to enjoy the season wherever you live? Cape, Bread and Roses Vintage | Skirt, vintage | shirt, Walmart | belt, thrifted | brooch, antique | boots, Amazon | tights, Target | purse, gift from Sara at In a Nutshell Blog Save Save Related