Avoid A Notice To Paint In Four Seasons – Beaumont | Ewing Painting Inc
Would you like to avoid receiving a notice from your Home Owners Association telling you to paint your house? Many homeowners are receiving letters telling them they need to paint their exterior to avoid fines and possible liens. Why ones home is selected over another is a complete mystery. One home on a street will receive a notice while others go unnoticed. All the homes are on the same timeline which means, if one is ready for paint most likely the others are too. This tells us that they are selecting homes by appearance. Here are some tips to avoid being singled out for exterior painting. Rinse your home every six to eight weeks. A small power washer would be great but you can also use a hose nozzle. Rinse from the bottom and work your way up. Rinsing from the bottom up will prevent the stucco from becoming stained. Stucco is a very porous surface, if dirty water dries it could stain your home. Rinse in sections, once the water is coming down clear you can move to the next area.