Keeping Tabs
Keeping Tabs Samantha LaplanteRobert PorterJames WallJayana DarrasMax RiopelleJean GenestLarry StevensonRyan Van PoppelCaroline MassicotteTodd SimpsonLeona AlleslevMike Bielby Samantha Laplante – Combat Engineer Officer at Department of National Defence Robert Porter – Senior Engineer at Public Works and Government Services Canada | Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada James Wall – Activity Lead – Canadian Army Simulation Centre at Calian Group Ltd. Jayana Darras – Partner at Deloitte Canada Max Riopelle – Army Officer at Department of National Defence Jean Genest – President at Pole Air Aviation Larry Stevenson – Managing Director at Callisto Capital Ryan Van Poppel, CPA, CMA – Finance Management Officer at Canadian Forces Caroline Massicotte – Greffière à la procédure at House of Commons of Canada Chambre des communes du Canada Todd Simpson – Inside Sales Representative at Castle Metals Leona Alleslev – Krofchak – Currently a Member of Parliament; formerly General Management – Strategy & Operations at Krofchak Consulting Mike Bielby – Operations