Ex-Cadets & more in the News
Ex-Cadets & more in the News 18078 Lise BourgonMarc GarneauErin O’Toole Canadians in Latvia to keep calm and carry on in face of massive Russian military exercise 19506 Jay Janzen Article *** CAF Personnel deployed to support areas affected by floods 16271 Hercule Gosselin Article *** Commander’s message to RCAF personnel: “You have a unique and vital role” H7543 Joe Day Article *** Fourth-generation police officer takes reins in Prince Edward County 18343 John Hatch Article *** Off-target airstrikes in Iraq buried behind wall of secrecy 18078 Lise Bourgon Article *** Flying the Sopwith Snipe 3334 Dave Wightman Article *** 8276 Marc Garneau urged residents not to use drones to capture images of flood zones Article *** Tory candidate ‘outraged’ after video of brochure burning posted to Maxime Bernier Facebook page 19894 Erin O’Toole Article *** Songhees Nation and Royal Roads University sign MOU Article *** Invest Ottawa’s new president looking to hire consultants for ‘strategic plan’ development 10962 Bruce Lazenby Article *** 1. ON 1 MAY 2017, 25288 CAPT KATIE BRUCE RETIRED FROM THE RCAF REGULAR FORCE HAVING SERVED FOR 9 YEARS WITH LOYALTY AND DEDICATION. 2. SHE ENROLLED AS AN AEROSPACE CONTROL OFFICER IN 2008. SHE BEGAN HER CAREER IN THE RCAF AT THE ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE OF CANADA, WHERE SHE STUDIED MATHEMATICS. WHILE AT THE COLLEGE SHE WAS HEAVILY INVOLVED IN COMPETITIVE HIGHLAND DANCING AND HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO COMPETE IN SEVERAL INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS. SHE TAUGHT DANCE AND TRAVELLED TO THE UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY (ANNAPOLIS) AND BIRCHALL LEADERSHIP GALA TWICE. SHE GRADUATED IN 2012 OBTAINING A BSC MATHEMATICS, WITH HONOURS, FIRST CLASS DISTINCTION. 3. CAPT BRUCE COMPLETED ON THE JOB TRAINING IN MOOSE JAW, SASKATCHEWAN BEFORE COMPLETING HER VISUAL FLIGHT RULES COURSE IN CORNWALL, ONTARIO IN APRIL 2013. UPON COMPLETION OF HER COURSE SHE WAS POSTED TO 19 WING COMOX WHERE SHE WORKED AS A TOWER CONTROLLER. 4. IN 2016 CAPT BRUCE RETURNED TO CFSACO TO COMPLETE HER INSTRUMENT FLIGHT RULES COURSE, AFTER WHICH SHE RETURNED TO COMOX. 5. CAPT BRUCE REMAINED ACTIVE IN HIGHLAND DANCE THROUGHOUT HER CAREER, RECEIVING HER PROFESSIONAL TEACHING LEVEL AND INSPIRING MANY YOUNG DANCERS OVER THE YEARS. 6. CAPT BRUCE IS RELOCATING TO TORONTO, ONTARIO WHERE SHE WILL BE EMPLOYED AT THE BILLY BISHOP TOWER. JOINING HER ARE HER TWO FUR BABIES, RONAN AND AOIFE (EVA). 7. WELL WISHES, STORIES, AND MESSAGES CAN BE SENT TO CAPT DYLAN WIGHTMAN, DYLAN.WIGHTMAN@FORCES.GC.CA, AND WILL BE PASSED ON TO KATIE AS SHE EMBARKS ON HER NEXT ADVENTURE.