15907 Sylvain Sirois: Had his share of highs & lows
Over the past few Issues we have contacted some former Cadet Wing Headquarters from he past 50 years or so. The feedback has been interesting; we do hope to hear from many more over the next few weeks / months. 15907 Sylvain Sirois was a busy cadet during his IV Year. He was the CWTO first term, S/C 2nd term and DCWC for the graduation parade. The Commandant on graduation day was BGen 3543 Walter Niemy and the Director of Cadets – 8389 Commander Brian (Bear) Brown. Capt WJ Natynczyk During his 4 years at RMC and 1 at CMR, two individual on the leadership staff stick to his memory as he had PO JOGYLemieux additional interactions later in his career: Capt Walt Natynczyk (later to become CDS), was 8 Sqn Comd. While Sylvain was in 4 Sqn at the time. He used to walk the grounds with his dog. PO1 JOGY Lemieux, Drill Staff. “He helped me quite a lot a few years later in Halifax for the funeral for one of my soldiers.” We asked the Chief of Staff (Infrastructure and Environment) / Canadian Armed Forces Chief Military Engineer – what he would consider the highs and lows during his five years in the two military colleges system. Highs: Unarmed combat and recruiting trips across Ontario and Québec Old 18 Drill Team and our exhibitions at Halifax Tattoo while on SLT Tenor drum with the Pipes and Drums CWTO and having the role to run the recruit term Jump course Franco dinners – Francos got together to the same table for dinner and empty dish plates kept piling as those who were done were replaced at the table with others starting dinner Lows Learning basic drill movements 4 time (Army Cadets, CMR, BOTC and RMC) – I became a band member to avoid any other drill relearning sessions… 2nd recruit term (one at CMR for Prep Yr and one at RMC for 1st Yr) On the subject of the ‘buds’ factor; the now MGen had this to say: “ Friendships and acquaintances created at RMC are still influencing my life today, especially those who are still in the military.” The lifetime member of the RMC closed with this comment: “ I had a great time at RMC. Every year I had military responsibilities and challenges – Class Senior or leadership roles. Everyone one had a very different experience as I already knew then. I was very “militaristic” while others had a lot of parties to attend and survive…”