Forensic Speech & Debate Team Showcase
Interested in scholarship opportunities? Traveling the country for free? Advocating for issues you are passionate about? Want to make people nationwide cry, laugh, or think? Being a part of a national honor society? Come out to Hofstra’s Forensic Speech & Debate Team Showcase on April 26 during Common Hour.Hofstra University Speech and Debate is a newly reestablished team that competes in intercollegiate forensics on the state and national level.Merriam-Webster defines “Forensics” as “belonging to, used in, or suitable to courts of judicature or to public discussion and debate.”So, No, “Forensics” doesn't only refer to fingerprints and microscopes. Our Forensics team competes in various types of speech & debate events including:Platform: Persuasive, Informative, Communication Analysis, After Dinner SpeakingInterpretive: Prose, Poetry, Dramatic, Duo,Limited Prep: Impromptu, ExtemporaneousDebate: Parliamentary, Lincoln-Douglas, IPDAAnd many more! If you are interested in discovering what these events are and mean then please join us!In just two years, the team has won more than 155 individual awards and boasted five of the nation's top speakers as well as being ranked 7th at the Pi Kappa Delta National Convention. Our featured students will be…Charles Kim: Sophomore, Political Science - Impromptu SpeechSophia Papadopoulos: Sophomore, Marketing - After Dinner SpeechDonovan Harvey: Freshman, Public Policy - Persuasive SpeechJewell-Christian Stewart: Sophomore, Political Science - Prose Interpretation This event will be hosted by our Director Of Forensics Dr. Tomeka RobinsonAnd our Graduate Assistants Rachel Garnett and Brandon Johnson Date: April 26Time: Common HourLocation: Emily and Jerry Spiegel Theater (please note new location)