Our Little Princess Has Arrived! - Event Pro Training
Our Little Princess Has Arrived! After a super crazy week last week starting on Monday, I had contractions for 19 hours and went to the hospital thinking Monday night was “THE NIGHT” I was going to deliver.. they sent me home and said “Come back in a couple hours when they are stronger” After 19 hours on Monday they just stopped!!! I was a very unhappy camper! But the doctor scheduled an induction on Friday and it was the smoothest labor and delivery I had with any of my 3 girls! Shaylee Arabella Binns was born March 28th 2014 at 4:20 weighing in at 8lbs and 1 oz and 20″ long. Immediately the next day I felt incredible (After what a hard pregnancy I had, I am SO thankful!) and today she is 4 days old and I felt like I could run a marathon, but I decided instead to shoot a couple pictures so you guys could see her! She’s perfect and we are just so in love! Its funny how your heart just expands and love comes rushing in and takes your breath away! This week my mom took my 13 year old and 2 year old to stay with her and give us some adjusting time with Shaylee, so more adventures coming soon with those two I do believe! My 13 year old says she wont touch her till she “gets fun” but the 2 year old is ready to feed her french fries, give her a makeover and ready to play ball! So we may have some challenging days ahead.. but I’m up for the challenge.. I love my girls! We are so blessed! Now that the baby has arrived, Event Pro Training has a LOT on the list that we gearing up to do! Starting next week we will have more products going back up on the store and more training videos coming out.. We are finalizing our workshop locations and dates.. we were just waiting on the little princess! Thank you again for all your prayers and emails throughout this pregnancy! -Wendy Binns